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What You Need to Know

The Container Royalty Fund is a supplemental fringe benefit available to eligible workers in the Port of Baltimore. Contributions to the Fund are based on the tonnage loaded or unloaded in the Port of Baltimore for contributing employers.


You’re eligible for the Container Royalty Fund if you’ve worked 700 hours under a collective bargaining agreement for at least five of the last six years.

In December, the Fund issues a container royalty benefit payment to each eligible employee, which represents a pro rata portion of the aggregate container royalty benefit amount available for the prior contract year (October 1–September 30). Each eligible employee receives the same pro rata amount. If all tonnage contributions for the prior contract year have not been received at the time of the December container royalty benefit payout, a second pro rata distribution may be made in February.

You may use Container Royalty Fund payments to pay international union dues. To deduct international union dues from your payment, submit a written authorization to the Fund Office.


Container Royalty Fund SPD [PDF]
Container Royalty Fund SMM for Temporary Partial Credit [PDF]