What You Need to Know

You’re eligible for vacation benefits if you’re covered by a collective bargaining agreement with Locals 333, 953, or 1429, and work at least 675 hours in covered employment during the contract year.

Vacation Benefits

Vacation benefits are paid quarterly at 100% of your straight-time rate of pay. The amount of vacation benefit hours you have depends on:

  • The number of hours you work during the prior contract year (October 1–September 30); and
  • Your number of qualifying years (contract years in which you worked at least 675 hours in covered employment).

You’re eligible for vacation benefit hours according to the following schedule:

Hours of Service
During Contract Year
Required Qualifying Years Vacation Benefit Hours
675–1,099 0 40
1,100–1,299 0 80
1,300 or more 2 of the past 3 contract years 120
1,300 or more 5 of the past 6 contract years 160
1,500 or more 10 of the past 12 contract years 240

Holiday Benefits

You’re eligible for holiday benefits if you worked at least 800 hours in covered employment during the contract year. Holiday benefits represent 100% of your straight-time hourly rate, multiplied by eight hours, multiplied by the number of holidays agreed upon in your collective bargaining agreement.


Vacation and Holiday Fund SPD [PDF]